F10 Wipes 100 Refill Pack


F10 wipes effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses use as a multi-purpose disinfectant filled disposable wipe, aldehyde and iodine-free. Biodegradable cleansing wipes are impregnated with the F10 core actives, therefore delivering high levels of disinfection.

Uses for F10 Wipes:

  • They are ideal for the cleaning and sanitising of hands, wiping and disinfection of thermometers and medical devices such as endoscopes and the cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas e.g. telephones, key boards, shopping trolleys, toilet seats.
  • The wipes can be used to effectively and safely prevent or treat cutaneous infections in areas that are difficult to access e.g. skin folds, inter-digital spaces as well as the external ear canals.

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