Why do people not want to adopt black bunnies? Why do these bunnies spend the rest of their life in a rescue and never get a home? Why does nobody want to love them? Why are they constantly overlooked?

Raven, Cole and Bear, 1 year old siblings are still looking for their forever home in Cape Town

They very much love the indoors and jumping on the couches and interacting this way. They are not destructive, they nap under the coffee table and jump on the couch to pay you a visit. They are independent little buns.

They used to live outside and became scared of humans over time, 2 weeks of living with me and they have adjusted so well, still a bit skittish if you stand up fast but as you can see they are very comfortable around me now and they have such funny personalities.

With time they will be very comfortable with humans. Bear already allows for couch cuddlesđź’•

These 3 are tightly bonded and would love a home of their own.

Are you able to provide a home for these babies?

If you think you can offer the right home for my rescue babies, please fill in the adoption from below and email it through.

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Email: Orders@willowlicious.co.za