Rabbit Litter box training

Rabbit Litter Box Training

Rabbit Litter Box Training

It is very easy to litter train a rabbit, but you need to spay or neuter your rabbit first. It’s almost impossible to litter train an un-spayed or un-neutered rabbit.

Males can be sterilized from 14 weeks old, best to do it when their balls drop.

Females may only be spayed at 6 months old, doing this before is putting your rabbit at risk.

Litter tray items


Eco wood pellets (Fireplace Eco wood pellets)

Large litter box, the bigger it is the easier to litter train.

Do not use

Cat litter

Pine shavings

Clay litter

Setting up the litter box

Line the bottom of the tray with a few sheets of newspaper

Add the eco wood pellets on top.

 Add 3 or 4 sheets of newspaper on top of pellets

Add hay on top

Most effective, if you place the litter tray against a wall, and the hay on the side of the litter tray furthest from the wall. The reason for this is rabbits, like to have their backs protected and they always eat where they poop. So with the hay being at the front of the litter tray, it avoids them pooping and peeing over all the hay.

Encourage eating

Top up the hay a few times a day, fresh hay encourages eating.

 Changing the top sheets of newspaper daily.

Eco wood pellets need to be changed twice a week, or more frequently depending on how many bunnies are sharing a tray.

How to litter train your rabbit

When training your rabbit you will need to start them off in a small area, or a bedroom before giving the full reign of the house and preferably an area without carpet, but rather tiles where you can place washable anti slip mats or towels down for your rabbit to lie on.

Place towels or blankets on slippery floors

 Trim your bunny’s nails to make it easier to walk on tiles

 Place multiple litter boxes in the areas your rabbit is choosing to pee in

You will need to keep your rabbit in this confined space for a while. Your rabbit will urinate and poop outside the litter box for a while.

 Pick up all stray poops and chuck them in the litter box.

 If your rabbit is urinating outside the litter box, wipe the floor with vinegar and move the litter box into the area your rabbit has chosen to urinate in.

 Cleaning up accidents as quickly as possible will be more beneficial to litter training.

Let the litter box stay a little dirtier than usual to encourage your rabbit to keep using it, changing the tray to quickly during training will make your rabbit think they are not supposed to use it.

Encourage your rabbit with a very tiny treat (one pellet) each time they use the litter box to urinate. Always talk to your rabbit positively when they use the litter box.

Once your rabbit is using the litter box fully, you can expand the area or give full reign of the house and having multiple litter boxes in each room your rabbits has access to, will provide for successful litter training.

If you catch your rabbit urinating outside their litter box, pick your rabbit up and place them in their litter box. Don’t shout at your rabbit, rather praise them once inside the litter box.