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Just as I would not wish to read a single book over and over indefinitely, Parrots can get bored with the same old toys. Toy rotation can avoid this. Once a week, take one toy out of a bird’s cage and replace it with a toy the bird has not seen for a few weeks.

Foraging Toys: Foraging toys provide and excellent outlet to require your bird to work for it’s food as it would have to do the majority of each day in the wild. Examples of foraging toys are those in which treats can be hidden, skewered and or imbedded. Foraging toys should be placed at a variety of levels throughout the cage to encourage movement and exploration.

Chewing Toys: Chewing is a major activity in the wild, especially during breeding season when birds are actively burrowing nests into tree trunks. It is imperative that birds be provided with destructible wood toys. Wood and leather toys provide hours of safe chewing fun. Remember, these toys are for your bird so don’t become alarmed or upset if over time they destroy them. Chewing is a natural activity for your bird and they should be provided an opportunity to do so. Larger birds should be challenged with harder woods. Balsa, pine or vine based materials are excellent for smaller birds.

Comfort Toys: In the wild, birds enjoy physical contact with their mates, often snuggling up to them on branches. Caged birds, especially when they are alone, like to snuggle up to or crawl into something soft and cuddly. this alleviates their stress and provides them with a sense of security. Examples of comfort toys are the Peekaboo Perch Tents and Snuggle Rings.

Exercise Toys: Swings and bungees are two excellent examples of toys that encourage movement and provide birds with an outlet for exercise.

Preening Toys: Boredom and stress in caged birds can often lead to over-preening or feather pulling. Rope preening toys provide an excellent outlet for birds to satisfy their desire to preen and to discourage feather picking and mutilation.

Manipulative/Mechanical Toys: Birds are very intelligent and inquisitive creatures. Many are reported to enjoy untying knots, undoing nuts and bolts and deconstructing cages to escape. Providing puzzle solving toys and toys that require manipulation will stimulate these birds mentally.


Small – Width 15cm; Height 13cm

Medium – Width 24cm; Height 20cm

Large – Width 30cm; Height 25cm

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