Njom Njoms Small Pet Chews

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An all time favorite brand NJOM NJOMS!

Willow chew twigs, rings and ball bundles.

Natural chew treat safe for small animals Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Degus, Hamster, Rats, Mice and other small critters.
Boredom buster – Great for entertainment, environment enrichment and nibbling until gone! Irresistible to nibble and chew with renowned therapeutic properties.
Willow is reputed to have an antibacterial action, and contains tannins that can support normal digestion. It is high in fiber too! They are all natural, no dyes, no artificial additives and no chemicals.

Actual product may deviate from the pictures as this is hand woven.


Chinchillas and Hamsters

Willow needs to be boiled and baked before before feeding. ( Boil for 15 min and then bake 120 Degrees for 40 min, please do not leave your oven unattended)

It would be best to wash willow in very hot water before providing to bunnies and guinea pigs


The rings are very large for hamsters, so it would be better to purchase the small ball.


Rings roughly 25cm in diameter

Large Balls roughly 10cm in diameter

Small Balls roughly 5cm in diameter



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Chew Toys

Willow Sticks, Willow Rings( Pack of 3), Willow Ball Large, Willow Ball Small

5 reviews for Njom Njoms Small Pet Chews

  1. Liezel Prinsloo (verified owner)

    Prefer willowlicious’ own chews however if they are sold out this is a great alternative

  2. AYLA DAMON (verified owner)

    Great toy for the buns but they definitely prefer the Kaytee Natural Woven Apple Toss Toy but still provides much entertainment for them.

  3. Megan Hussey (verified owner)

    I’ve only gotten the wreath and the ball. My bun definitely prefers the ball because he can roll it around.

  4. Megan Carnell (verified owner)

    Very good snack and boredom breaker for my rabbit.

  5. Nakita Obery (verified owner)

    Lovely boredom breaker for my boys. They absolutely destroy these and have fun doing!

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