Multi Chamber Box


  • Multi-functional Activity Room – Designed 1 Big room & 2 Small rooms, can be used individually by hammy’s wishes, like sleeping in, hiding away, storing food, napping, digging bedding or exploring escape route, just like in wild. Stimulating Hamster to keep active & Enriching their pastime in the night. Also, provide a dark surrounding in the day for hamsters to take a premium sleep
  • Removable Lid – The removable roof of the house lets you easy to find where your furry friends sleep without disturbing your hamster or check the storeroom to see has any perishable foods and remove them as needed
  • High-Quality & Well-Made Craftsmanship – Made from Pine Wood, sealed with non toxic sealant sanded each corner to smooth. Safe & enjoyable living to keep their well-being


35cm by 35cm with 7cm diamter holes

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