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There are lots of health benefits of feeding forage for your rabbit. They have evolved to spend considerable time searching and grazing on food. This means slower eating and smaller portions throughout the day. These eating habits help to prevent weight gain as well as keeping your rabbit happy and healthy.

Forage provides lots of nutritional variety that rabbits cannot get from pellets or nuggets and there are plenty of forage types to choose from.

If you have more than one rabbit, they will benefit as a group by foraging together and developing a stronger bond. In the wild, several rabbits would forage and graze together, while other members of the group watch for danger.

Timothy hay forage box with lots of yummy tasty herbs.

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Forage Box

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2 reviews for Forage Box

  1. Amanda Fourie (verified owner)

    Pippin loved this so much, he pretty much finished the stuff inside it within like 2 days.
    The box gave him so much fun, he seemed to enjoy flipping it over and making the stuff fall out, and then once it was a bit empiter stick his head in it. Such a silly buns.
    It’s great that i can just reuse the box and fill it with the other goodies and hay that I’ve bought.

  2. Bianca Ambrose (verified owner)

    The buns loved this one so much! Each took a turn to shove their whole head in the box and enjoy the treats:D

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