Carrot Cottage

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What could be better than a cosy house made from tough, fun to chew parchment board coated in meadow hay and topped with a real carrot roof!? A unique, design protected concept that’s bound to be as, if not even more, popular than our equally fantastic hay


Not safe for Chinchillas

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs should only have access to this toy for an hour a day, it is sufficient enough time to provide mental stimulation. If left for free access all day, your pet will consume large amounts and therefore will end up eating less hay and therefore don’t eat enough fiber to keep their gut stimulated.

  • Great stimulation for your small furries.
  • Provides the perfect place to hideout and snack at the same time!
  • Completely edible. Roof is made from dried carrot!
  • Edible parchment board walls are coated inside and out in meadow hay.
  • Helps wear down teeth.
  • 37 x 25 x 24cm

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Carrot Cottage

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2 reviews for Carrot Cottage

  1. Megan Carnell (verified owner)

    Great for entertaining rabbits and keeps them busy for hours.

  2. Nikki Greenberg (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! Keeps my single, free roaming bun busy for months! I’ll never be without one!

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